Codemate is an international software development company with roots in Finland. We are specialized in developing web systems and mobile applications as a service. We create solutions that provide better business to our customers.

Our versatile knowledge from hundreds of projects and different industries benefits customers´ individual needs.

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Codemate planning

Planning & Design

Codemate assists customers in defining the most essential features for the solution. We create a clear product backlog where the requirements are in priority order.
Our UX Designer first creates mock-ups to demonstrate the structure and features of the user interface. After iteration with the customer we create the beautiful final UI design, as images or straight with HTML.
Our software architects design the technical solution which best fits to the needs of the customer and efficiently fulfil the system requirements.
When the requirements, UI and architecture are clear, we estimate the implementation effort feature-by-feature, create a release plan and assemble the team.
Codemate projects


Codemate can deliver complete web services and mobile applications according to our customers’ needs. We can create the needed solution with time-based agile project model, or if the scope is well-defined and doesn’t change, we can offer a fixed price delivery.
We strengthen our customers’ R&D team with the needed software experts. Temporary capacity increase in development resources or special expertise can be conveniently acquired from Codemate.
Codemate support

QA & Support

Codemate's dedicated testing pros find the bugs before the release. We explore the limits of the system with load testing and speed with performance testing. So you can sleep better.
We care. Codemate’s support personnel help in any kind of technical issues related to the software system we’ve created. We quickly respond to acute issues and fix them.
Web systems require frequent updates for the software components, like security updates for the framework. We automatically make these updates monthly.
We flexibly develop new features and improvements to the existing system. Mobile apps are also upgraded to new OS versions regularly.


Leia Media logo

The e-reader that changes print industry

Codemate developed the software for distributing content to the reader.


Codemate case Leia Media

Shopping assistant with indoor positioning

The Android tablets with bar-code readers are attached to shopping carts in a retail store. Clients can search and locate products in the store, use automatic cashiers and get location-based ads.


Codemate case Fonella

Software development partnership

We have built a close partneship with Edita Plc where we maintain and develop software solutions with continuous and flexible team model.


Codemate case Edita

A virtual showroom of Planmeca Imaging products and solutions.

Visual tool for Planmeca salesmen to demonstrate the looks, features and ROI of Planmeca's products for the clients.


Codemate case Planmeca

Mobile video messaging and presentations

With Movenote iOS mobile app you can create, view and share video messages and presentations.


Codemate case Movenote

Find your home

KajaaninPietari is a rental apartment portal where you can find your next home.


Codemate case Kajaanin pietari

Say goodbye to paper expense-bills.

Heeros Mobile applications enables you to photograph receipts, track your car trips and make expense bills while on the go.


Codemate case Heeros

Gynecological cancer software

The system is developed together with gynecologic oncologists and is an invaluable tool in several hospitals in Finland.


Codemate case Gyneca


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Windows Phone

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Java EE

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Amazon Web Service

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We seek for great guys and girls who love to code

Creative Technologist

Our Helsinki office is one great person short.

We are looking for a front-end / full-stack developer who loves designing new solutions with the clients.

You have preferably 5+ years of development experience with various open source technologies. Finnish and English language skills required.

At Codemate you are involved with varying client projects, finding the best technical solutions and designing beautiful software systems that tackle the client's needs. You are an invaluable part of Codemate, giving the client new ideas and clever solutions and provide the development team with a clear plan to implement. Your main responsibilities include digital service concept design, front-end development, software architecture design and effort estimations.

You work closely with our Project Managers and sales, in the most creative phases of the projects.

Codemate is a growing international company with great career opportunitities and self-development possibilities.

If you got what it takes, we welcome you to send your CV and application without delay to with subject "Creative Technologist HKI"

More information from Miika Toljamo 0407349399

Web front-end developers

We are hiring new web front-end developers to join our team in Oulu.

Your tasks include technical design and implementation of modern user interfaces for high-class web services. JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design tools and libraries are your weapons of choice. Back-end software experience is a plus. You will take part in client projects, which keeps you learning new things all the time.

If you are experienced in front-end web technologies and want to become a respected part of our team, don't hesitate to contact us. We offer competitive benefits, a good team to work with and possibilities to achieve new heights in your career.

Please send your CV and application to with subject "Front-end developer Oulu"

Web software all-rounder

Codemate is looking for a skilled software architect for our Oulu HQ.

The mate we are looking for is able to:

  • Design web systems that best fulfill the client needs and are feasible to implement.
  • Participate in the development projects as needed.

The main technologies we use for back-end are Ruby, Node, PHP, Python and Java.

Experience in versatile software development projects, especially with agile methods, is appreciated. Being positive with a "getting things done" -attitude is a must.

Braveness in client communication and being able to create problem-solving ideas in projects is something we are looking for.

Please send your CV and application with subject title "Architect Oulu" to

Mobile developers

Codemate is growing. We are currently hiring mobile developers to reinforce our team in Oulu.

You have skills in at least ONE of the following technologies:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone 8
  • Web front-end

The applications we develop for our clients are either native mobile apps or web-tech hybrid apps. Typically the apps have a back-end service as well, so having skills in using different API's is a must. The wider knowledge you have on the before mentioned technologies, the better.

Fluent Finnish and English skills are required.

We offer truly interesting projects and tasks where you will learn new things all the time. We are a young, professional and fun bunch.

Now, please do send your CV and brief application to with subject "Mobile developer Oulu".

Web front-end developer

We are looking for capable Front-end software specialist to join our team in Thailand.

You will create beautiful and modern user interfaces for high-class web services. JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design tools are your weapons of choice.

We create state-of-art web and mobile solutions for our business customers, according to their needs. As Codemate is involved in project delivery, not with its own products, we have very wide range of the technologies to master. We also don't get bored of having to work with same stuff all the time.

If you are experienced in front-end web technologies and want to become a respected part of our team, don't hesitate to contact us. We offer competitive benefits, a good team to work with and possibilities to achieve new heights in your career.

Send your CV and application without delay

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Codemate's international software quality assurance team is located in Bangkok Thailand and we are looking for reinforcements.

As a part of the QA team, you test the software our team or the client's R&D produces.

We find bugs, measure the performance and evaluate the usability of the web and mobile services. Having experience in manual and automated software testing is essential in this position. You have the opportunity to influence the way our QA works. You will be involved with numerous different projects and technologies that keep you learning all the time.

If you want to be a part of our QA team, don't hesitate to contact us.

Send your CV and application without delay to with title "Sr. QA Engineer".



Toni Piirainen

Toni Piirainen, CEO

+358-44-730 1636

Toni Piirainen

Janne Korvanen

Janne Korvanen, Sales Director

+358-40-704 8996

Janne Korvanen

Jukka Katajaharju

Jukka Katajaharju, CTO

+358-44-730 1613 (Finland)

+66-851530665 (Thailand)

+880-17-3006 6717 (Bangladesh)

Jukka Katajaharju

Janne Salmi

Janne Salmi, Sales Manager

+358-44-536 1069

Janne Salmi

Lasse Määttä

Lasse Määttä, COO Finland

+358-41-550 9015

Lasse Määttä

Samppa Nykänen

Samppa Nykänen, Sales Manager

+358-50-440 9984

Samppa Nykänen




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